I have to apologize for being away from blogging for an extended period of time. Unfortunately, other priorities in life have gotten in the way of my Idle time.

Much of my time has been divided between preparing for my Wedding which is coming up next month, and working on my house, most of which isn’t great subject matter for Idle-Logic.com.

One accomplishment completed in the last month that I’m particularly proud of is finishing the Colorado Half Marathon with my fiancé Katie… 13.1 miles!

I’ve also started up the Integrated Circuit Design and Techniques online Professional Certificate program from UC Berkeley. Starting with the first class Fundamentals of Integrated Circuit Design. I think this will be a great way to keep my mind sharp and progress my career. I’ll share more thoughts and details about this in later postings.

At the end of this month I’ll be presenting a paper/poster on Power Electronics Control to Reduce HDD Acoustics Pure Tones at the IEEE COMPEL Conference, so if by some chance you are going, please stop by and say hi.

Now, back to business…

I’ve been working on getting the Cyclone II to work with a 16×2 LCD. I have a nice demo prepared, but I managed to blow up the LCD’s backlight. It turns out that, despite the silkscreen saying “5V”, the spin was supposed to be connected to a 3.3V supply only. Whoops. I’ll post the demo here soon, whether on a new LCD, or on my current one, sans backlight.

Also, I’ve been playing with the FT232RL (with a nice breakout board from SF) to add USB connectivity to the Cyclone II. More to come on that soon.

That’s all for now. See you back here shortly.