I thought I would utilize my blog for a little bit of shameless self promotion…

Several months back I was fortunate enough to join some of my work colleagues in publishing a paper and presenting a poster at the IEEE COMPEL 2010 conference. The title of the paper is “Power Electronics Control to Reduce Hard Disk Drive Acoustics Pure Tones”:

Hard Disk Drives are used more and more in environments where the noise level needs to be kept at a very low level. One example is the DVR-application in a bedroom. While the mechanics are important, power electronics control can help to reduce the noise. This paper is presenting two new algorithms that reduce significantly the acoustics pure tones generated by the spindle motor. The first method counters 5/7th harmonics. The second dilutes the pure tones thanks to a spread spectrum approach. Comprehensive theory and measurement data are presented. The electronics driver stays simple and is available into low-cost custom IC.

Most of my work involved preparing the poster presentation along with developing software and giving the live demo. However, I was still able to tack my name onto the paper, and partake in the eternal glory.

My mug made it on the conference website

Finally, after several months of anxious waiting the paper has been published here on the IEEE Xplore. I’m still waiting for the truckloads of cash and notoriety that comes along with having a paper published… but something tells me I’ll be waiting hopelessly.

Maybe my next paper: “Alcohol’s effects on reducing eyeball effective resolution; a technique in pub television cost investment optimization” will have a wider audience 😉