Unfortunately, I haven’t had much Idle time lately for working on my nerd projects or blogging. In all my free time I’m outside tearing out trees and bushes and landscaping my yard. Not much Logic involved there, only destruction and mayhem.

To get myself back into the blogging spirit, I decided to put together a series of posts sharing what content I’m absorbing these days. Let’s start off with:

RSS Feeds I’m subscribed to:

EngineerBlogs.org – A great mashup of different types of engineers (Electrical, Mechanical, etc.) all posting on a select topic each week. Not all the posts hit home for me, but most are worth the read.

SparkFun – Always exciting to see the projects they share, and most importantly the Friday “New Product Posts”.

FlyingFlux – A blog of an anonymous Analog Engineer who doesn’t hold back. His blog is no longer updated, as he’s left to spend more time with his family, but there is still a few years worth of posts to go read.

Electronics-Lab.com – The electronic hobbyist news blog. Very active stream of cool hobby projects.

EDN Product fEEd – New products, most aren’t very applicable to my job and/or hobbies, but it’s good to stay on top of new products coming out.

Cosmic Variance – Random samplings from a universe of ideas. Discover Magazine presents a blog from a group of scientists, most of the best posts come from Sean Carroll

XKCD – A webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language. Everyone should be subscribed to this comic without a doubt.

Pharyngula – Blog of biologist PZ Myers, like Dawkins only with an ample dose of hilarity and sarcasm.

Coding Horror – The blog of prominent coding guru Jeff Atwood. He’s doesn’t really blog as much these days as he used to, but still worth staying subscribed.

Julie Harris Photography – An amazing photographer, a good artistic diversion from the day to day nerdom.

Fail Blog – Constant stream of hilarity.