Updated b2vFixer.tcl for Quartus / Modelsim

I created a small improvement to my Quartus b2vFixer.tcl script. You can find the original post describing the purpose of this script here. In summary, this script is used to convert a top-level Quartus BDF (Block Design File) to a Verilog file usable in ModelSim. The only real change in this update is to allow defparams to be converted correctly. You can find the updated source [...]

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Silicon Valley

I've been on a long hiatus from blogging, but all for a good reason. My wife and I recently made the move to San Jose (Silicon Valley), California. It's been a long process of selling the house, packing, moving and unpacking but life is starting to return to normal, which means there will be more Idle time to get back to tinkering. Before my hiatus I [...]

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Welcome EEWeb Users

In case you've stumbled across my blog from EEWeb, I just want to thank you for coming to check out my little corner of the internet. Feel free learn a little About me, peruse the articles I have written and perhaps, if you're intrigued, you'll subscribe to my RSS feed and stop by now and then as new posts go up. I'll warn you that my [...]

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The Curious Case of the Sho BindingFailure

Seeing strange inexplicable issues in your Visual Basic .NET code? Keep this option in your back pocket... try to delete the Project's .suo file. I ran into the following error while trying to integrate Microsoft's Sho library into a VB.NET project at work: For the sake of google indexing, the error is: BindingFailure was detected The assembly with display name 'ArrayT' failed to load [...]

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Issue after Quartus v12 SP2 Upgrade

This week I upgraded some work projects to Quartus v12 SP2 and I ran into an interesting bug, which has an obscure patch to fix it. I thought I should share. The problems happens when you update a symbol/block in a schematic (bdf) file, after which anytime you try to compile you get a nasty error that crashes Quartus. The error code is basically this: Internal [...]

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