IEEE Paper Published

I thought I would utilize my blog for a little bit of shameless self promotion... Several months back I was fortunate enough to join some of my work colleagues in publishing a paper and presenting a poster at the IEEE COMPEL 2010 conference. The title of the paper is "Power Electronics Control to Reduce Hard Disk Drive Acoustics Pure Tones": Abstract Hard Disk Drives are used [...]

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libFTDI v0.18 with Ubuntu (Lucid Lynx)

Now that I've upgraded my computer, I no longer have a Parallel port which renders my Altera FPGA Compatible Programmer obsolete. Instead of buying a $300 USB-Blaster from Altera, I'm developing a much cheaper solution... In my next post I'm going to show a technique I've come up with to configure the Cyclone II FPGA using a FT232RL USB to UART Bridge. The breakout board [...]

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Installing Quartus II on Ubuntu Lucid

Sorry for the radio silence the last few weeks, I've been real busy learning to transition myself from being a Windows guy to a Linux guy, and I have to admit there is a steep learning curve. Plus, I've been working on creating a $15 alternative to the normally $300 Altera USB-Blaster, but I'll talk more about that project in a future post. My first challenge, [...]

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LED Pumpkin Eyes

Every year my wife and I carve pumpkins for Halloween, and this year I decided to take mine up a notch and make some red LED eyes to add to the evil-ness of my pumpkin. This is a really quick and simple build which I think looks awesome! The first step was to build up a 3.3V battery pack. I built one of these guys back [...]

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Getting my Acer X3400 WIFI working in Ubuntu Lucid Lynx

As I mentioned in my last post I've made the transition into the Linux world. There are a bunch of different distributions of Linux available, here is a list of the major ones. My main motivation for going with the Ubuntu flavor is because it seems to be the distro with the most hype these day, and why not hop on the bandwagon. I'm dual booting [...]

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Adventures in a new PC

Finally, I bit the bullet and upgraded my PC. It's funny, after running with an outdated homebrew PC for several years how much I got used to slow booting and sluggish response. Just about any website with a Flash applet would drag my old PC to its knees. You would be surprised at how this actually gave me an increase in productivity. Sidetracks into YouTube, or [...]

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