This week the idle-logic blog crossed the 50K all time views mark:


From people all over the world:


It’s a humble number, but a satisfying milestone to cross.

New Blog Feature

I’ve been remiss to add new blog posts because I didn’t want to bury the particularly popular posts currently on the front page. In order to remedy this, I just added a carousel at the top of the page to help link to the more popular posts.

Future Projects

I’m currently working on a little open source software project that I’ll be ready to release here soon. It’s a Windows 7 AppBar tool designed to improve the workflow of capturing and managing screenshots. I was considering doing a lot more development and selling the tool, but I stumbled across Screenpresso which is very similar to what my tool aims to be at a reasonable price. Thus, I’m dialing back the development time and opening it up to the people.

Soon I’ll be switching back to the hardware domain and the DE0-Nano. I still have some work to do to improve the ModelSim/Quartus workflow, and create a more robust communication framework between the PC and DE0-Nano via the USB connection.

Additionally, I recently purchased a small affordable 4.3″ Display from WaveShare. I’ll need to fab a breakout board first to get that going.

4.3" Touchscreen LCD Display

In the future, I have my eye on the new Intel Edison platform. Should be fun to combine this small and powerful board with the DE0-Nano.

Intel Edison

Lots of projects, not nearly enough idle time.

Thanks for stopping by, hope to see you again soon.