The blog has a new look! The original design was over 4 years old and was starting to look a little dated. It just felt like time to make a change. I still have plenty of things I need to tweak with the new look, but it’s ready to be pushed out. If I wait any longer to push it out, I would be bound to get analysis paralysis.

You can see the new logo design is much more simple, it’s aimed to be more timeless, and most importantly, it will fit better as a silkscreen on PCBs. It incorporates the design idea of a Flip-Flip, mixed with a packaged IC with its Pin 1 indicator shown.

Design using Inkscape Open Source Vector Graphics editor

I tried to follow as many tips as possible from actual graphic designers, here are a few resources if you’re interested:

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Just for the sake of reminiscing, here was the previous logo design:

Previous Logo

Plus, while backing up the old website files, I came across some of the old original designs for the blog… so ugly, but a good start:

Original Logo Idea

Anyway, let me know what you think of the new design, leave a comment, or contact me though social media. Thanks for dropping by!

(I spent a lot of time refining the About Me page, so be sure to take a look.)