For the last year I’ve been working on this little software side-project. I set out to solve the problem of taking screenshots and being able to use them quickly and easily. There are a lot of alternative screenshot tools out on the market, most are good at taking screenshots but almost all of them fail to let you quickly do something with those screenshots (especially if you need to take several screenshots back-to-back).

Enter the BetterSnipper. The application is able to dock to the side of your screen, it will hide and take up minimal space, but will always be available when you need it. It comes with many novel features:

  • QuickAction toolbar, customizable quick access to the features you use, avoid the clutter
  • Drag and Drop: To and From webpages
  • PushBullet integration, quickly send screenshots to your mobile phone, or other computers
  • Multiple Monitor Support
  • Custom Color Styling Engine lets you skin the BetterSnipper
  • Organize Screenshots into folders
  • Free to try, inexpensive to buy

I hope you’ll head over to and give my little side-project a test drive.

Watch a Video Demo, click the Image above.